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Cleaning Fluid

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Although DK Sonic ultrasonic cleaners do most of the hard work, you need to add a specialist cleaning fluid to get the best results. We offer cleaning solutions from Best Ultrasonic Cleaners for many different applications. The most popular fluids are for working with jewellery or carburettors. Most of the fluids are concentrates (10:1 mix) that go a long way and can be re-used time after time. All the cleaning solutions are made in the UK.

The "Best Ultrasonic" carburettor cleaning fluid has been formulated specifically for use with an ultrasonic cleaner and works very well with all carburettors, valves etc and most metal components out of an engine. It quickly removes contaminants including general soiling and dulling, oxidation, carbon, petrol residue grease etc. It works superbly on alloy and aluminium castings, not only removing the physical dirt, but also it visually brightening castings.

The jewellery cleaning fluid is made for adding to an ultrasonic cleaner or bath. Ideal for use with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. It safely and quickly removes tarnish and including general soiling, oxidation, fingerprints and grease etc. After the cleaning process, rings, necklaces, watchstraps and other jewellery are restored with their natural gleam and lustre.


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