General Purpose

As the name suggests, this general purpose ultrasonic cleaning fluid can be used with all sorts of materials, in any ultrasonic cleaning tank that is fitted with a heater. This is because the fluid needs to be used between 40 – 70 degrees centigrade. The low alkaline concentrate removes oil, greases, dust and dirt from mixed metals, plastics, rubber, ceramic etc. It is made in the UK and an idea cleaning fluid to use with DK Sonic ultrasonic cleaners. 


The fast acting concentrate is mixed water (1 part concentrate to 10 parts of water) depending on severity of contamination on the item being cleaned The operating temperature of bath should be set between 40 - 70 degrees centigrade. After cleaning in an ultrasonic tank, rinse components with clean water. Change when you can’t see the bottom of the tank.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products